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It is NOT a Waste

 The world of the performing arts never ceases to change during these times. ESPECIALLY with regard to how auditions are being formulated. The most frustrating aspect of THIS audition season is the presence of the uncontrollable. Technology has become so much a part of this year's audition season; a fact that I actually think is valuable. It's good to teach yourself new techniques to add to your level of performance. However, what is incredibly infuriating is when something occurs with technology that is simply beyond your control. Earlier this week, I planned for a successful day recording audition footage. I woke up early to set up my room as a makeshift studio. I removed my artwork form a wall, pinned my blue bed sheet into place, connected all the wires between my microphone, computer and camera, so on and so forth. Everything was ready. I had scheduled a coaching that morning with my support system in order to make the process easier. I firmly believe that having an audien

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