A Life Changing Experience

A Life Changing Experience

There is a numbered amount of experiences that changed my life... attending my first St. Olaf Christmas Fest, changing my major, and experiencing my first Canto Vocal Program.

I was having a difficult year in Minneapolis, MN and wasn't set to do anything that summer, vocally speaking. I was feeling discouraged until my mother pulled up an application for a program called: Canto Vocal Program, Louisville, KY. I had never heard of the program, but I noticed that there were some bit names involved and they were doing a fully staged production of Le Nozze di Figaro by W.A. Mozart.

All that was required was to submit the application form, a few videos of my singing, my headshot and my resume.


I submitted my materials and heard back from the program shortly after. They offered me the role of Susanna in the opera production as well as involvement in the scenes program, concerts and master classes. It was incredible. I knew nothing about the program, but decided to take a leap of faith.

Boy did that leap of faith pay off!

The program comprised of a heavy rehearsal schedule, countless coachings and opportunities to sing for fellow colleagues as well as members of the Louisville community. It was intense in that the staff challenged me to do my best in everything and to grow.

And grow I did.

My voice began to open up a little more and the staff listened to what I had to say/communicate.

They were interested in hearing about what I struggled with and used that information to help me grow as a singer, musician and performer. I had never felt so respected in a program before.

I was treated as an intelligent singer who had the ability to improve. Truly, this program was supportive in every sense of the word.

The staff was so welcoming and this translated into the group of singers involved. The Canto Vocal Program has a way of encouraging growth and experimentation no matter where you are in the journey of becoming a professional. The positivity I experienced entering a room with these people was unlike anything I had felt in previous programs.

The Canto Vocal Program inspired me to jump out of my safety zone. As a result, I left my graduate program and moved to New York City in January 2019.

Since moving to NYC, I've continued coaching with staff members of the Canto Vocal Program. I have even returned to do more Canto Vocal Programs. As a result, I have a completely different vocal instrument than two years ago. One that is definitely better.

The people involved in the Canto Vocal Programs truly care about its singers. They want to support you even after you finish the program. I've made so many lasting and special friendships with these people; to say that I'm lucky is an understatement.

Because of the growth I have experienced with the help of the Canto Vocal Program, I have decided to re-audition for graduate programs this upcoming fall. I feel much more confident in my abilities and feel more ready than ever to start this new chapter of my life.

I can't thank Canto Vocal Programs enough.

If you are interested in participating in one of their spectacular programs this summer/upcoming year, check out their website at Canto Vocal Programs

They are still accepting applications. It's not too late to join this amazing community.

-Samantha Noonan


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