Lately, I've been listening to a wide variety of music. In the mornings I've been listening to Six the Musical. On the train, I listen to classical music; anything from "Eine kleine Nactmusik" by W.A. Mozart to Tchaikovsky's "Valse." While I'm walking dogs, I'll listen to full operas of every age (baroque, romantic, contemporary, etc.) and when I'm working out at the gym, I'll either listen to Cardi B or Nivana. Surprised? Both get me pumped and raring to go!

Zac Brown Band
*I LOVE their song "Chicken Fried"
Johnston, Maura. “At Fenway, Zac Brown Band Is Game for Anything - The Boston Globe.”, The Boston Globe, 2 Sept. 2019,
At the end of the day, I'll listen to alternative rock or smooth jazz.

I listen to so many different kinds of music. Each has its own tone, mood, lyricism, technique and style.

I know that most people also listen to all of these genres of music, even if they don't initially realize it. People listen to all of these musicians/artists and find a sense of freedom.

Why then, if people are so able to listen to varying music styles, do people not listen to each other?

Music is all about communicating a feeling, story or vibe. Why then, do people find it so hard nowadays communicating with one another without interrupting, fighting or tuning out?

I make a point of watching or reading the news for 30 minutes every day. It is hard for me to do that, but I feel that it makes me a better citizen.

I'm, admittedly, a far-left liberal. However, I am also a very traditional person. I have my own thoughts and opinions that differ from others. I make sure that I'm able to support my opinions with hard fact while making sure that I LISTEN to my opposition.

Recently, there have been a lot of things in the news that have, quite frankly, made me ill. In fact, there are a lot of events happening in our COUNTRY that make me ill.

It's so easy to villainize certain people and, at this point, I have; however, I wish it wasn't that way.

I must believe though that people are still capable of having intelligent conversations and debates without lashing out at one another. Although I may disagree with someone, I want to listen. By listening and then making my case, who knows... I may even change their mind! Of course, I may not; but at least we won't end up hating one another. At least we won't have ended the debate thinking of each other as monsters.

That being said, listening goes both ways. I always hope that by listening, the person I'm speaking with will also listen to me. It is a sign of respect. Some people don't understand that and are not willing to hear my side of an argument.

What that happens, I feel angry, but I don't raise my voice or start insulting the other person.

Mischa Maisky playing Bach's Cello Suite No. 1
*Check it out at Mischa Maisky plays Bach Cello Suit No. 1 in G (full)
Instead of letting a singular individual get the better of me, I will refrain from exploding from emotion and VOTE.

I'm saddened by how divided our country is right now. We are not great. We are fighting. We are not renewed. We are broken.

Back to the music. I'm not a huge country music fan, but Carrie Underwood HYPES ME UP! Someone else might love country music and not be a classical music fan; however, I'll guarantee they like Bach's Cello Suite No. 1.

We all love music. We all have similarities as well as differences.

My message today is: LISTEN.

AND VOTE. It's that important.

-Samantha Noonan


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