Cause for Celebration

A note before the actual blog:

On December 1st, a good man, singer and friend passed away. Doug was the best of us and he brightened every room he entered. He was the first person who welcomed me into the choral community in NYC and showed me that I had a place here. Doug you were a warm presence in my life. As we celebrate our victories and good fortune, please think of those you love. Celebrate the moments you have/have had with them and cherish those memories. Cheers Doug. I miss you.

Now to the blog...

Let me start off by saying that in the month of November this year (2020) I accomplished SO MUCH. I coached my audition repertoire, did an online opera studio program, recorded 13 videos for graduate applications (11 were music recordings), gathered all of my necessary application documents and applied to ten different graduate programs. At the end of the month, I submitted al of my graduate applications BEFORE the deadline. I am proud of what I have accomplished.

That being said, this past month has also been an UTTER NIGHTMARE!

Balancing my day jobs with my career adventures have exhausted me and it is HIGH TIME that I celebrate.

December 1st, 2020, was a date that I was working towards for months now. Submitting my materials, applications, videos, etc. BEFORE that date makes me feel super BADA**!

I would never have been able to do this without my support circle, family and friends. I am only human with VERY limited resources. So many people helped me prepare and train for this moment. So many people helped me gain the resources I needed to get the job done. So many people lifted me up when I was feeling depressed and angry with my circumstances. So many people reminded me that I was loved no matter what happens in the end. So many people reminded me that, regardless of the end result of all of this hard work, I've already achieved my own success.

December 1, my roommate and I both had the day off from work and PARTIED ALL DAY LONG! No, we didn't traipse around NYC during this pandemic; we're smart. However, we did have a few adult refreshments that we saved just for this occasion. Needless to say, I was extremely excited.

As I write this blog post, it is raining outside and the sky is gray and dismal. There is uncertainty and tension everywhere as COVID-19 numbers rise. No one seems to know how to appropriately handle the situation besides what has already been advised. The holiday weekend was not one of familial warmth and joy, but of zoom calls and the feeling of loneliness.

These are, without a doubt, hard times.

But we have to celebrate when we can and, for me at least, there IS cause for celebration!

My wish for you is to find a reason to celebrate and to feel joyous for a day. Even just for a moment. You have earned a reason to celebrate.

And with that, a TOAST! To the survivors and the believers and the activists and our loved ones. To those who are struggling financially, but are determined to keep on going. To those who have been unable to see their families in months but persevere to the day when they can hug their loved ones. To the artists who are having to explore a whole new way of auditioning and performing. To those who are experiencing immense amounts of stress and seek for moments of relief. THERE IS A REASON FOR YOU TO CELEBRATE! You are NOT alone.

You. I. WE can survive. And we will. Stronger than ever.


-Samantha Noonan



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